【FGO】Young Moriarty Looping Analysis【Fate/Grand Order】

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He’s good at math, but is he good at looping?

The answer is, well, not very good, as his base refund from NP isn’t exactly stellar at first glance.
However, not all hope is lost, as he does have a few other things going for him:
– His own 50% battery combined with S2 Append skill are usually enough to get you through most farming nodes even when starting with Black Grail.
– Strategic use of his S1, especially against Evil enemies, will give a not-insignificant boost to refund for 1 wave.

To be honest, rather than his refund, his bigger problem is his neutral damage as a Ruler. As usual for neutral farmers, I would advise against using him at NP1.

– I used Bond CE Castoria in the first battle to compensate for his low skill level and lack of append skill. You should be able to drop her Bond CE once you maxed out Moriarty.
– No Bond CE was used for other battles.

0:00 No Swap vs Lancer (MA Mystic Code)
2:12 No Swap vs Evil Enemies (2004 Mystic Code)
4:26 No Swap vs Rider (2004 Mystic Code)
6:51 vs Assassin (Plug Nero Bride)
9:22 vs Berserker (Plug Waver)


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